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What does "50% recurring" mean?
When a surfer joins the site, you receive 50% of the value of the sale. We pay ALL the processing fees charged by the billers. Each month that a member stays active and rebills, you will continue to earn 50% of those transactions, net of all biller fees. Many partnership programs will trick you into thinking you are getting a true 50%, but then when the check arrives, you notice you received about 12-15% less than you expected. So earning 50% with us is actually like earning 58% with the others that make you pay all the fees. The more you send to them, the more you could lose each month!
Do you offer "pay per signup"?
All accounts are automatically eligible for 50% recurring for life AND $35 Per Sign Up.
Who do you process transactions with?
Surfers can pay by credit card, check, phone or dialer and we use a cascading billing system comprised of CCBill, Epoch, Jettis, PasswordByPhone and NoCreditCard.
What is cascading billing?
This means that a surfer has several chances of being successfully billed by at least one processor. For example, if CCBill declines their credit card, then we automatically try and bill them with Epoch. If that fails, then we attempt to bill them by phone or dialer and so on until we have tried every biller. This means more potential revenue for you since we do not rely on one biller.
What is the minimum payout?
You need to have earned at least $50 in order to be paid by check, $100 to be paid by ePassporte and $500 to be paid by bank wire.
When will I get paid?
WildWestCash now pays within 7 days of the previous pay period. The pay period runs from the 1st to the 15th and the 16th to the end of each month. Payments will be issued by the 23rd and the 8th respectively.
What is the name on the check?
Checks are issued from Automatic Payment Processing, LLC and drawn on a US bank account in US dollars.
What is your policy on spam?
No E-Mail Campaigns of any kind are permitted within the WildWestCash Program. Violations of CAN-SPAM will result in immediate termination from the WildWestCash program.
How often do you update your members area?
We make full updates for our site network every day, with at least one new scene (pics and vids). Also, we often make smaller updates of bloopers and crazy videos every other day to keep members excited and retaining month after month.
Where can I read your Webmaster Agreement Terms?
You can view the agreement by clicking here: Webmasters Terms of Service
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